The Educator - 25" School Laminator

Most popular school model • Easy to use

We asked educational professionals what they wanted in a laminator. They told us ease of use, reliability, value, and low maintenance. That's what we designed into the Educator.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple controls and film path
  • Laminates different types of material with minimal operator adjustment
  • Great Value
  • Laminates different types of material using a variety of films with minimal operator adjustment
  • 2-year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty
  • More than 25 years of proven reliability

LEDCO Roll Laminators From A Photo Id

See The Entire Ledco Line!

LEDCO offers a line of 10 great roll laminators specifically designed to accomodate any laminating need you may have. A Photo ID is proud to offer the LEDCO line and we invite you to click the link below to see the entire selection. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, don't hesitate to contact us.

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LEDCO Roll Laminators at A Photo ID

LEDCO Roll Laminators at A Photo ID LEDCO Roll Laminators at A Photo ID LEDCO Roll Laminators at A Photo ID

  • Preset lamination pressure and speed
    Means easier to use and eliminates potential sources of problems
  • Enclosed laminating and pull rollers
    Helps avoid jams and wrap arounds. Rollers are interchangeable
  • Forced air cooling
    Allows laminating with 3 and 5 mil films as well as the 1.5 mil film often used by schools. This system eliminates ripples sometimes associated with thicker films
  • Fixed-position lamination rollers
    Stable platform for uniform roll pressure to ensure high-quality lamination
  • Attached safety shield Protects the operator and allows users to see their work with the safety shield in its proper protective position
  • Removable power cord
  • Reverse switch
    Helps avoid problems and clear misfeeds
  • Adjustable heat control Allows the use of films up to 5 mils thick, just by turning a dial
  • Supply roll tension knobs
    Provide the control needed to get wrinkle-free lamination

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